Welcome! We are ecstatic that you have chosen to allow the Academagia the privilege of guiding you on the journey into both adulthood and the respected annals of magical practice.

The Student at the Academy has access to many resources which will help them to succeed. First among these are their fellow students – 84 in this year's class. By making friends of your College and Classmates, you are making contacts with some of the most promising young minds of this age.

The Academy of Magic has seven Colleges, each with its own history, character, and core curriculum. As you consider your place in the school, brief introductions may be in order.

College Aranaz is the natural home for young mages of great ambition and decisive temperament. Core requirements for first-years are a firm foundation for success in any sphere of adult life – History and Calligraphy – and the competitive atmosphere of the College and the proud character of its students consistently inspires greatness. New arrivals will also take four classes of their own choosing.

Under the guidance of Professor Kate Badcrumble, College Avila has become a beacon for young Astrologers across the scattered isles; moreover, it’s the corner of the Academy where civility and social graces are most stringently encouraged. Beginning Avila students will take Astrology and Geometry, and four elective classes.

Students of College Durand – named for the great and doomed king of old – learn the ways of the soil and the secrets of Negation magic. It’s a college with a firm sense of tradition and responsibility, in which its students justly take pride. First-years will study Botany, Dialectic and Negation, as well as three other classes of their choosing.

In years past, College Godina raised up more war-mages than most, and even today its focus on the magic of Incantation attracts students with an eye for adventure. That said, Incantation is also the magic of creation; the college encourages serious research as well as dramatic displays of power. New arrivals to Godina will be expected to attend Athletics, Incantation and Music classes, as well as three electives.

College Hedi is a natural home for diplomats and charmers, emphasizing wordplay as well as studies of Glamour. Its students are masters of wit and keepers of secrets, and tend to thrive as merchants and ambassadors later in life. Note that, contrary to unfortunate rumor, spycraft is not formally taught by the College. First-years study Grammar, Rhetoric and Glamour, and three classes of their own choosing.

College Morvidus is the center of the Academagia’s Revision studies, but most of its students love it more for its bonds with the animal kingdoms. Young zoologists and naturalists are drawn here from every corner of the broken world, and seem to spend more time in the school menageries than in their dormitories! Along with Zoology and Revision, first-year Morvidus students attend four elective classes.

College Vernin is the home of most of the Academy’s artists and Enchanters: a college of refinement, subtlety, passion, and very hard work. First-years will attend Arithmetic and Enchantment classes, as well as four electives. Note that creative displays in the Vernin Common Room are permitted, but artists are encouraged in the strongest possible terms to ensure the safety of their fellow students in creating and arranging these projects. Indoor fireworks are now strictly forbidden.

Note to Parents

Academagia Parents,

Our school's exceptional reputation is the product not only of our experienced faculty and time-tested curriculum, but also of the extraordinary quality of our student body. Your child is now part of a noble community and a great tradition.

It would, however, be remiss of me not to inform you of the full extent of what matriculation at the Academagia will entail. Students will be trained to the fullest in the accepted magical arts. They will learn to gather magical phemes from all around Elumia and weave them from their Palette into magical form. They will be encouraged to explore the extent of their abilities and to foster their creative instincts in spell formulation.

There is a limit to what the students will be guided to learn. The dangerous arts of Gates and Mastery have been expressly forbidden on this campus and I have personally gone to great lengths to ensure that these suppressed arts remain so. Prevention, though, does begin best at home. So please take the time to educate your future wizards of the nature of these dangerous magical pasttimes.

As this is a full academy in the grandest tradition, built in the shadows of the Imperial Palace itself, we also adhere to the grand old traditions. Students will be permitted to engage in Duels, as long as the rules laid down in the Imperial Geas are followed. The importance of adherence to this system cannot be stressed enough, but it is critical to underline for you, dear parent, that this is not a shelter for your child, and they will be living the life of a young magician in every capacity.

These formal notices aside, let me say how delighted we are to have the great honor of teaching your child and know, as proves true with each and every student to walk through our gates, that they will provide us with an education equally as timeless.

With fond regards,
Orsi Orso,
Legate of the Academagia